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Founded by Shirlyn Wright in 2020, Inner Power Up! is a US- and Hong Kong-based company that aims to support your mental and emotional wellbeing journey. We offer resources, inspiration, step-to-step guide in the form of illustrations, workshops, corporate collaborations, guided meditations, and lifestyle products, helping clients and students uncover inner powers and overcome challenges/traumas that have stopped them from being the best version of themselves.

As the founder and director of Secret of Bliss Limited, a spiritual healing company in Hong Kong, Shirlyn has worked with thousands of clients and students all over the world, and understands the need to incorporate self-awareness into day-to-day choices. Inner Power Up! was then created as a way to help people identify the emotions and energies that impact their decisions, perception, overall happiness, inviting the possibility of a more conscious, compassionate, and innerpowerful life.

Shirlyn Wright



I had my 18 year-old niece and 13 year-old nephew in mind when I started this project. When they were younger it was easy to guide them in saying affirmations, seeing what was great about themselves, or meditating in silence with me by turning these exercises into fun games. I want them and other young people to experience many simple self-discovery techniques that are fun, interesting, and effective.  


I have a 20 plus year career in studying, using, and teaching mindfulness, self-awareness and spiritual modalities and techniques that help people overcome their challenges and create a greater sense of self, deeper connection to their intuition and balance and well-being in their lives. I have clients all over the world whom I have had the pleasure to see transform their lives in powerful ways. I currently live in Hong Kong and travel to Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, and Japan to teach Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Spiritual Restructuring (SpR), Divine Chakra Consciousness, Crystal and Gemstone Healing; Meditation, and Nature Life Force: Animal Communication.


If I were to say which of the Inner Power Squad members I am most like it would be Sachi! I have always been curious about me, my life and others.  Why am I here? What am I meant to do? What makes someone successful? I started asking these questions when I was around eight years old and tried to find the answers by studying the biographies of the American Presidents.  I felt like I was meant to change and lead the world so that was a good place to start!  I was idealistic and restless as a child with a desire to know how can I and life be better, greater, happier, and impactful.  My openness, stubbornness, self confidence and recklessness allowed me to have many experiences (which my friends and family called irrational and crazy!)  that created my meaning and purpose in life. 


Prior to my mindfulness, spiritual and energy work, I had a nine year career in finance, business development and academic administration. I held research, marketing and liaison positions with a trust company, an institutional brokerage firm and the Illinois Institute of Technology.  I also served as a part-time lecturer of Finance at Roosevelt University in Chicago.  I worked in Johannesburg, South Africa under the Institure of International Education (IIE) to help develop the country’s small and midsized business sectors.  I hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Florida A&M University and a Master of Science in Financial Markets from the Illinois Institute of Technology.  


Within all of us are unique inner powers. 

We just need to get our inner obstacles out of the way and Inner Power Up!

 Certifications and Services 

SRT Teacher Certification 2003 - PRESENT

SRT Consultant Certification 2002 - PRESENT

SpR Teacher Certification 2005 - PRESENT

SpR Practitioner Certification 2003 - PRESENT

Animal Communicator Certification 2001 - PRESENT

Jewels of the Lotus Tibetan Gemstone Oracle Classes 2001

Universal Energy Method (Chakra Balancing) 1996

Also the founder of Secret of Bliss Limited

Shirlyn Wright
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