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Inner Bank - abundance & manifestation

Inner Healer - relationship challenges, break up, divorce

Inner Child - inner child parenting & parent/child communication

Inner Sunshine - depression & anxiety

Inner Compass - major events in life 

Inner Guru - grief & loss

Inner Valentine - attracting intimate loving relationships

Inner Awesome- confidence & self-esteem

Inner Dreamer - life mission/purpose/meaning & dreams

Inner Zen - finding peace & forgiveness 

Inner Creator - inspirations & creativity  

Inner Bond - wholeness & disconnection

Inner Yin Yang - femininity & masculinity 

Inner Leader - leadership and management  

What to expect?

Inner Workshops are designed to provide you with tools to navigate different aspects of your life and to put mindfulness into action. Each workshop is customized for a different life situation or topic.


Participants will receive an Inner Kit filled with practical assignments and worksheets that act as a guide for day-to-day use and for specific themes (attracting love and abundance, dealing with childhood traumas, lack of confidence, going through breakups, new beginnings etc.) 

A typical Inner Workshop explores:

  • ways to understand and consciously change limiting emotions/patterns of a specific challenge/topic

  • mental, emotional, physical causes associated with the topic (e.g. common thinking patterns, habits, stages & cycles etc.)

  • assignments, tools, applications and suggestions on how to release them and create inner-powerful routines and mindsets

  • tips on self-assessment, -reflection, -exploration and -acceptance

  • how to ask the right ‘why, where, what, when and how’ questions of yourself to better explore, understand, release, accept, and have faith in yourself and abilities

  • mindful activities and techniques (e.g. guided meditation, affirmations, role-play etc.)

Inner Workshops

We can tailor-make 
Inner Workshops that work for you and your team/friends

Are you looking for fun and mindful activities for team-building? A cozy and meaningful bridal shower? Holistic, transformative experiences with tips regarding a specific theme or inner power? Let us know your goals and we can discuss possibilities that will inner-power-up your project!

  • Inner Workshops will be designed and conducted by Shirlyn Wright in English. 

  • Cantonese or Mandarin live translation will be provided, if needed.

  • We can customize and propose the workshop theme, length, format (online or offline), and style (interactive, self-reflective, or involves specific healing modalities like singing bowls and chakra/aura reading) after understanding your needs.

Inner Power Up Collab
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